Panels - frame houses

We can make superstructures of residential houses, roof structures or room partitions, garden houses, gazebos, saunas, shopping kiosks and structures for other purposes. We also produce additional structures: terraces with and without canopies, balconies, canopies, bay windows and finishing elements that decorate and perfectly complement the home design and can help create a unique and cozy home environment. We can also offer massive outdoor furniture, children's playgrounds, hot tubs, furniture panels. We provide wood processing, wood drying, wood preparation services for construction works.

The main elements of a panel-frame house: panels and frame structures. The panels are made of a wooden frame - sawn planed certified pine wood that meets the European wood strength classification EN 338 (coniferous wood class C (C14-40), 15±3% humidity), depending on the purpose of the structural element. The wood is dried and impregnated as much as required, otherwise it will start to twist and, in the best case, spoil the entire finish, and in the worst case, the house itself will warp.

Structural elements of a panel-frame house (see Figure 1.1)


1. The lower crown (if you find that the house is unevenly poured).

2. Wall constructions.

3. Floor and ceiling constructions.

4. Roof construction.

Wood processing

In the company, wood is processed from log to product, we provide our customers with the following wood processing services:


  • Woood drying.
  • Wood chopping.
  • Wood planing.
  • Wood calibration.
  • Wood impregnation.